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Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

With strict emission regulations increasingly becoming implemented around the world,  the demand for diesel exhaust fluid that meets automotive standards is rising..
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DEF UREA or Automotive Grade Urea (AGU) 46%N is a very special sort of prilled urea which has to be uncoated- not treated with formaldehyde- and very low Biuret. It is a product of the high purity Urea that we offer in large sacks. This kind of urea is used by our clients to produce aqueous urea solutions, which must be at the highest purity.
The urea we supply to our customers is produced at very high quality by large chemical plants located in China. The urea meets all ISO22241 requirements which are defined for the 32,5% aqueous urea solution (AdBlue). There are only few manufacturers in the whole world which are capable of producing automotive grade urea, while ensuring a stable quality in accordance to the ISO standard.
SCR is a technology that uses a urea based diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and a catalytic converter to significantly reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions.
Small quantities of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) are injected into the exhaust upstream of a catalyst, where it vaporizes and decomposes to form ammonia and carbon dioxide. The ammonia (NH3) is the desired product which in conjunction to the SCR catalyst, converts the NOx to harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).
AdBlue is used in addition to Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). SCR technology is used to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines. This is the only way to comply Euro6 emission standards and 2010 EPA standards (North America) and almost all heavy duty engine manufactures have already implemented SCR technology.
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Products Name
Urea DEF Grade



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